Branksome Hall – New Student Residence

Branksome Hall is a globally minded institution that truly values its heritage treasures, while also wanting to express its character as a forward-looking, innovative, academic environment.  The appearance of the residence building is responsive and fresh, it is built to very high sustainable standards (targeting a LEED® gold equivalent) and it will fulfill a new programme need at Branksome by providing housing for its growing international community. It allows the school to consolidate its residence programme into an efficient structure that maintains the majority of the ground space and separation of buildings that characterizes the Rosedale neighbourhood.

The new student residence houses 58 students and 7 Dons. There are also facilities for the cooking and serving of food. The dining room overlooks the ravine with a beautiful 2-storey glass screen, modulated with a finer filigree vertical mullions and horizontal fins reminiscent of the tracery of manor house windows of the period.

The materials on the Branksome Campus are quite varied, but there is predominantly yellow brick on the west side of the Campus where the building is located. We reinforced this pattern with the use of a yellow/grey brick, glass, zinc and wood.