Klein Residence

This property was no ordinary piece of terra firma. Located at the eastern tip of Prince Edward Island and bound by provincially owned lands featuring stunning dune formations, weather-beaten woods, large lichen mounds and reforested fields, this 100-acre strip sits high on a rugged point, offering sweeping views of the Atlantic and unforgettable images of a unique ecosystem. When we asked our client what she envisioned on this extraordinary property, she described a mood, rather than a building. She wanted serene, she said; she wanted calm. She wanted a house that would be one with the environment yet leave it undisturbed.

Today, the PEI house nestles against its breathtaking surroundings like a natural visitor, quietly but enthusiastically welcomed. The overall structure is conceived as two volumes linked by a glazed entry and circulation space. The bedroom wing, rooted to the ground, divulges captivating views of the wooded areas, while the main living space, a transparent, column-free volume raised on piloti, showcases a brilliant panorama encompassing both the vast beauty of the ocean and the organic splendor of dune formation. Finally, the home’s materials are derived from a simple, exclusively natural palette — the siding and decking untreated tamarack wood, the windows custom teak, other areas highlighted by zinc, steel and native plants — making it the newest element in an environment as tranquil as it is inspiring.