University of Toronto at Mississauga

We were commissioned to assist UTM with the creation of a Campus Master Plan to respond to anticipated growth due to demographic trends, rapid development of the Mississauga area and the “double cohort”. The overall effect of these factors would result in a doubling of the student population within 10 years. The Campus is comprised of 225 acres of protected green belt along the Credit River and environmental initiatives permeate every principle for development on the Campus. The Master Plan that resulted from an intense and highly consultative process not only provided guidelines for future development, but defined a new vision for the physical expression of the Campus that would extend well beyond the foreseen growth and embrace sustainability.

The Master Plan sets out a phased growth plan based on the understanding that built form and open space contribute directly to the sense of community, and that the campus landscape is a place of interaction — an essential connective element in the success of the university as a place of research and learning. Consolidating the buildings and using them as linking devices preserves more land for future development beyond the time frame of the proposed master plan. Specific consideration of questions of image, culture and environment were included.

Since the Master Plan was completed a period of very active implementation of its vision has taken place including the completion of construction of 6 new major facilities, as well as the new access road – representing approximately $145M in new construction.